Truckee River Cleanup Day is this Saturday, September 24th, 2016 from 9am to noon. KTMB is asking the community to care for the Truckee River this Saturday, and to support a plan that will ensure the care of the Truckee River for generations to come. Will you sign a letter of support for the management plan that will ensure the year-round cleanliness of the river corridor?

to support the One Truckee River Management Plan

We’ve partnered with Nevada Land Trust to lead the One Truckee River Initiative – a group of over 150 stakeholders from various sectors of the community who have come together to identify current issues the community faces with the river corridor including recreation, water quality, stewardship, public safety, and at-risk populations along the Truckee River. The One Truckee River group has developed a plan — the One Truckee River Management Plan — that addresses these issues and sets forth guidelines for how the river corridor can become a vibrant hub filled with art, activity and recreation. The City of Reno, City of Sparks and Washoe County will be voting on whether or not they will adopt the plan during the week of September 26th, right after KTMB’s Truckee River Cleanup Day.

KTMB is asking community members to send letters of support for the One Truckee River Management Plan to their local elected officials, asking them to vote yes to adopt it. To review the One Truckee River Management Plan, go to To sign a letter of support, go to

“Over the years, KTMB has seen that doing large-scale river cleanups once a year is not enough. We needed to really address how to prevent blight, and how to enhance and protect the Truckee River for generations to come. Drafting this plan has been an amazing effort by key stakeholders in the community”, says Christi Cakiroglu, KTMB’s Executive Director. “The One Truckee River Management Plan leverages events like our Truckee River Cleanup Day to keep our river clean year-round.”

The One Truckee River Initiative is made possible by Truckee River Fund Grant, National Park Service: River, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program, Northern Nevada Water Planning Commission, REI, Washoe County State Question 1 Program, Renown Hospital.