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Cigarette butts are litter too…
So put your BUTTS where they belong!

Cigarette ButtsEach year KTMB volunteers consistently report that cigarette butts are the number one piece of litter found at a cleanup.

Why Cigarette Litter Is Bad
Cigarette litter is extremely harmful to our community and economy. Cigarette butts are very unsightly gathered in corners, along fences, in storm drains and in the Truckee River. Litter of all kinds reduces property values and deters new and existing businesses. Harmful chemicals in the cigarettes and lighting material can get into our water supply where they contaminate the Truckee River, fish and other wildlife. Fish and birds will eat cigarette butts! Cigarette butts and ash can easily start fires in our dry desert climate. And cleaning up cigarette litter is very time consuming and costly to tax payers!

Preventing cigarette litter in our community is not difficult. Throw away all butts, packaging and lighting material in a proper trash receptacle. If you don’t see a proper receptacle, use a portable ashtray (contact KTMB: or 851.5185). In the car, use the ashtray or a portable ashtray to contain your butts, instead of littering out your window. Littering is illegal, with special fines for roads and highways, and you could even cause a fire!

Facts About Cigarette Litter
Tobacco litter makes up 31.5% of all litter in our parks and other outdoor recreation areas. Overall, 85% of all butts are destined to be carelessly dropped to the ground. Of those, 37% of all butts that are thrown to the ground go into bushes and shrubbery, 25% are thrown on or around the area where an ash receptacle is placed, and 15% of cigarette butts are thrown into planters.

What YOU Can Do
Cigarettes are litter too! Take pride in your community and dispose of your cigarettes and their packaging properly! For a portable ash tray, contact KTMB: 851-5185 or For more information, visit and

The Truckee Meadows is beautiful butt no one cares (Created by AYLP 2011 for KTMB)