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Take pride in our beautiful community

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Photo by Mark Vollmer

The Neighborhood Cleanup program is essential to keeping our entire community beautiful year-round and engaging community groups in positive activities that instill a sense of pride and ownership. KTMB coordinates cleanups in parks, business corridors and residential neighborhoods for groups such as Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, school groups, clubs and many others to keep our area clean and pristine!

How to do a community cleanup with KTMB

1. Gather your neighbors, friends, coworkers, or club members.
2. Fill out the KTMB Project Request Form.
You’ll need to know
— some possible dates at least two weeks away
— about how many people you’ll have,
— if you have a spot in mind, what tools/supplies you might need to get the job done.
3. Review Tips for a great cleanup.
4. Pick up your supplies at KTMB.

When you’re done, just return the tools and your Post-Cleanup Report, and enjoy your cleaner, more beautiful neighborhood!¬†If you have any questions, you can contact KTMB staff at (775) 851-5185.