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Assigning Teams

The annual KTMB Litter Survey is linked to a national effort called the Litter Index to rank areas on cleanliness, and provides a starting point for communities launching litter-prevention programs. Volunteers spread out and rate certain areas based on the Keep America Beautiful scale: 1 meaning “virtually no litter”, all the way to 4 indicating “major dump-sites”.

The 2013 KTMB Litter Survey will take place Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 5:00 p.m.  To get involved in the Litter Survey, please call the KTMB office at 775-851-5185.

Litter Survey Results
Litter Survey Results 01-12

Litter Facts

    • The most common roadside litter is cigarette butts.
    • Cigarette butts contain toxins, have been found in the stomachs of wildlife, and take seven years to biodegrade.
    • Only plastic bottles can be recycled curbside in the Truckee Meadows. Check our Recycling Guide for places to recycle things like plastic bags and yogurt containers.
Getting Instructions

Getting Instructions

Signing in the Volunteers

Signing in the Volunteers