Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful has received a $95,000 grant to expand sustainability education across northern Nevada.
The grant is part of Tesla’s $37.5 million investment into Nevada’s K-12 STEM/STEAM and sustainability education. Through investments in local programming, Tesla aims to increase Nevada students’ science and engineering proficiency, as well as emphasizing sustainability.
With the grant, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful plans to expand the capacity of their Warriors Youth Education Program, which educates students with STEM-based curriculum in the classroom and provides teachers with resources to bring the curriculum into their daily lessons. The Warriors Youth Education Program connects children with important STEM and sustainability topics while emphasizing a connection to our local natural environment and resources, cultivating an ethic of stewardship and sustainability through our Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-aligned curriculum. Tesla funding will also support the integration of “fine art” into the curriculum. To further encourage students to explore careers in sustainability, Tesla employees will be volunteering as well.
“Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful has been working on environmentally significant issues in our community for 30 years, engaging more than 5,000 volunteers last year alone, to perform cleanups around our community,” said Christi Cakiroglu, Executive Director of Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful. “We know the key to creating a clean and sustainable community is through education and prevention. We are thrilled to have the support of Tesla to expand this program over the next several years.”
Tesla funding for Warrior’s Youth Education expansion and enhancement will support additional AmeriCorps and staff positions to coordinate and execute the lessons and provide for enhanced curriculum through additional extension activities. This expansion includes a curriculum to teach different age groups in order to reach more schools. Funding will also provide the opportunity to prepare Greenboxes through Desert Research Institute’s classroom outreach program for all of KTMB’s units to spread the ease of access to KTMB’s curriculum to educators. This funding will also allow for an expanded teacher training program, which provides training for teachers that reinforces KTMB’s curriculum in the classroom long after educators have left.