Litter Survey

The 2019 Litter Index Survey is scheduled for July 11, 2019. Check back here for more details on volunteering as we get closer to the event date!

KTMB’s Litter Index Survey tracks the cleanliness of the Truckee Meadows as a whole. It is done annually as part of a national effort by Keep America Beautiful, who collects this data from across the country to provide information and resources on the impacts of litter in the U.S. Truckee Meadows Tomorrow uses KTMB’s Litter Survey results as one their key community indicators.

How it Works

KTMB conducts the Litter Survey each year and incorporates the survey in our various programs, especially to identify possible cleanup sites for the Truckee River Cleanup Day or Great Community Cleanup. Areas are rated based on a scale of 1-4: 1, meaning “virtually no litter”; and 4, indicating “major illegal dump site”.

illegal dumping

Litter Survey Results: 2013 – 2018


Total community score: 1.6

Neighborhood Score: 1.3

Highway Score: 1.5


Total community score: 1.6

Neighborhood Score: 1.4

Highway Score: 1.9


Total community score: 2.1

Neighborhood Score: 1.9

Highway Score: 2.1


Total community score: 1.6

Neighborhood Score: 1.4

Highway Score: 1.6


Total community score: 1.7

Neighborhood Score: 1.6

Highway Score: 1.7


Total community score: 1.6

Neighborhood Score: 1.6

Highway Score: 1.6

Facts and Information

  • Read Keep America Beautiful reports on litter.
  • The most common roadside litter is Cigarette Butts.
  • Cigarette butts contain toxins, have been found in the stomachs of wildlife, and take years to biodegrade.
  • Check out KTMB’s Recycling Guide for places to recycle things like cardboard, electronics, household hazardous waste, televisions, tires, etc.