• KTMBs Great Community Cleanup
  • KTMBs Great Community Cleanup
  • KTMBs Great Community Cleanup
  • KTMBs Great Community Cleanup
  • KTMBs Great Community Cleanup

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May 22, 2015 - Quail Quest

Today, we are excited to blog about an event we are not coordinating. That feels good after a busy spring with many events and projects organized by yours truly. Here is a little love for one of our incredible partners, the Truckee Meadows Park Foundation. On June 13th as part of the 8th Annual National... Continue reading

May 12, 2015 - KTMB’s Great Community Cleanup comes full circle

On Saturday, May 2nd, Waste Management provided discounted Green Waste dumpsters for KTMB’s weed removal sites for KTMB’s Great Community Cleanup. The noxious weeds and other green waste removed from various sites were composted for the first time ever in response to volunteer surveys, sharing with KTMB their hope that we would consider composting the green... Continue reading

May 07, 2015 - Junk the Junipers

Junipers on the lawn are a fixture in our area, but like invasive weeds, they are a hazard hiding in plain sight. Not only do junipers burn easily and intensely, they catch a lot of blowing needles, leaves and other potential tinder that dries out in the plant, just lurking and ready for a spark.... Continue reading

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